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The 1881 Skeleton Army will Rise Again!

Jimmy ScottĀ from Weston-super-Mare reckons it's time for everyone to take a trip back through the Time Tunnel to the early 70's in Somerset, when Jimmy and his chopper riding 'Greaser' mates, using the name of Jimmy's forefather Charlie 'Wrecker' Scott's gang the 'Skeleton Army', listened to the best music, pulled the best girls and fought the Skinhead hordes at local discos, pubs, the fairground and on the seafront.

Exactly how Jimmy's '72 SKELETON ARMY' rode free in those days with their raucous Rock and Roll lifestyle is about to be portrayed in the up and coming movie 'SKELETONS GOLD' written by Jimmy himself.

Jimmy has spent a considerable amount of time and effort re-creating the hilarious antics of the '72 SKELETON ARMY' and proposes to finish the job, as opposed to handing the project to the film industry to take over, as they have already indicated to him that changing the authenticity of 'SKELETONS GOLD' is an option, which to Jimmy is not acceptable.

By selling good quality SKELETON ARMY merchandise to you the cinemagoers to make 'SKELETONS GOLD', Jimmy will ensure a hugely entertaining, accurate look into the not-so-distant past, when people were free to think how they liked and life was not what now seems complicated by computers and mobile phones.

Accurate authenticity with a highly original script applauded by the American film Industry, along with 30 music tracks of the day which you can PRESS AND PLAY on MUSIC on the homepage, is the best way to tell this story.

To join the 2016 SKELETON ARMY and involve yourself in the developing 'SKELETONS' GOLD' movie, please see the various levels of good quality 'SKELETON ARMY' products available in MERCHANDISE on the homepage.

Profit from the merchandising will make 'SKELETONS GOLD' a reality, which is also being made in memory of the boys Jimmy rode with, and who are sadly no longer with us -